To maintain the value of your dream car, regular checks and services are mandatory.

No matter which brand or type: Our garage is ultramodern and equipped with everything that a high-quality garage needs today. Our experts know exactly what they are doing and treat your dream car with the utmost care.

The services include:

- Bring and fetch service, replacement car

- Service, maintenance work
- Repairs of all kinds
- Brake check

- wheel, tyre change
- wheel and tyre storage

- Preparation for motor vehicle inspection
- Car demonstration at the traffic office

- Climate maintenance
- Spring, holiday and winter check
- Care of body and chassis

Accident service:
- Processing of the damage repair
- tinsmith, varnisher
- Replace windscreen, broken glass

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You tell us about your dream car. We then start with the dream fulfillment mission and go into action.

We are specialized in direct and parallel import of sports and luxury cars and, if desired, of practically any other car. We are networked throughout Europe and maintain valuable partnerships with distribution channels and dealers at home and abroad.

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Full Service

Everything - really everything - revolves around your dream car.

We do everything for your all-round experience.
You drive and enjoy.

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